Setting hearts free. Fast, Easy and For Good. 


...And remove the blocks, negative mind chatter and limiting beliefs that stop you from moving forward? 

Are Past Trauma, Anxiety, Fear, Stress, Depression, Guilt, Shame, Resentment, Anger, Self-Worth, Money blocks and every other negative emotions stopping you from living and being what you want to be? Wish you could just BE YOURSELF without all that stuff running in your head?

YOU CAN BE SET FREE so that you feel the inner peace. I use a method called Creatrix® that REALLY WORKS.

You can easily and painlessly REMOVE THE BLOCKS - for good! AND the best part is... You don't have to continue to see me for 'therapy' - going over the same old thing year after year. It's not Hypnotherapy, Psychology, Regression... when its removed - that's it. It's gone FOR GOOD!

After years of being a Women Leader, Wellness Coach and Practitioner, seeing clients over and over again - helping them but not being able to really remove the deep issues - I am finally heartened and relieved to give my clients a REAL SOLUTION. Not just a band-aid until their next ongoing session with me. 

​If you want the freedom because you're sick of dealing with anxiety, fear or know that the thoughts you have in your head aren't healthy for you, and you simply just don't want to live this way anymore - book in for a free discovery call to find out if an Emotional Breakthrough is the right step for you, where you will gain awareness of old patterns and sub-conscious beliefs that are holding you back, and what you can do to change it. 


Creatrix® is what can finally get you to be Free. 

Creatrix® is a world first solution that you've been looking for, to unblock yourself from your deepest inner barriers and heal the deepest core issues that you are mostly unaware of.

Are you ready to KNOW 100% that you are awesome, beautiful, worthy, powerful, unlimited in potential, whole, complete and enough?

YOU can get 'unstuck' and move forward in your career, business and personal life. I can help you with it by using Creatrix®, which is a fast, easy, deep healing and SIMPLE process that resets your mind and changes the way you perceive yourself and your world! Best thing is, it has immediate and Long Lasting results. It can be done online via Skype, Zoom, anywhere you are in the world. 


Yes, I'm referring to the Deep Trauma, Anxiety, Feeling Depressed, Fear, Self Sabotage, Guilt, Anger, Frustration, Jealousy...on and on it goes, whatever it is there in your head - stopping you from living and being the Woman YOU WANT TO BE! It is all about emotional FREEDOM. So that you can move forward in life. 

I can personally help you if: 

  • You feel unhappy

  • You feel you are up against a ‘glass ceiling’

  • You are sick of negative chatters

  • You feel STUCK in your career/business/life

  • You don’t feel content

  • You don’t find joy in everyday living

  • Your feel jealousy, hate and betrayal

  • You’re not achieving your goals

  • You struggle with self-doubt

  • You feel like a failure

  • You have suppressed emotions

  • You have inherited behavioural patterns that you wish you didn’t have

  • You have a fear of success

  • You have shame or guilt from past mistakes

  • You have angry outbursts

  • You feel frustrated and stuck 

  • You can’t let go of the past

  • You feel blocked with creativity

  • You continually repeat mistakes & make poor choices

  • You carry ANY negative emotion with you on a daily basis

Success Stories

that can be YOURS too


I recently had a traumatic experience that I was really struggling to overcome. I turned to Dawn Chen and Creatrix® which has helped me immensely. I can no longer feel those feelings of ‘out of control’, ‘insecure’, ‘shocked’ and ‘unsafe’. They just don’t exist in my world anymore. The trauma of the event had left me physically shaking. Dawn was kind and thorough with her approach. I felt safe and fully trusted her and the shaking has stopped. I can’t thank Dawn enough for helping me overcome my problem. I would absolutely recommend Dawn and Creatrix® to anyone who was considering it.

—  Sue T, New Zealand


  • low confidence or self-esteem

  • anxiety, stress, panic attacks

  • grief, depression

  • Childhood conditioning

  • Fear of success or the unknown

  • Past hurts you just can’t seem to let go of

  • Shame or guilt  from past mistakes

  • Angry outbursts

  • Long-term resentments

  • Frustration that has led to long-term stress

  • "Bad luck" that limits you from living a fulfilling life.

  • Inherited behavioural patterns,

... but I've tried many different ways to help myself but nothing works. Does this really work? So you asked.

We hear you. I know Creatrix® works because I personally have tried so many things (NLP, tons of personal development/self-improvement courses), but nothing works like Creatrix® that I have EXPERIENCED it for MYSELF, and look where I've gotten myself today - Living a life I love - winning Asia's Best Brand award, speaking at events that I never imagined, wonderful relationships with spouse and family, traveling and many more! And the issues NEVER came back, as compared to the many modalities I've tried. I've seen what it has done to countless women that I have worked with using Creatrix®, and I know that it will also work for YOU. ... Creatrix® is really that good.


STOPS the endless incessant head chatter
CHANGES sabotaging beliefs to abundance beliefs
MAKES thoughts more positive and less necessary
REDUCES intense anxieties and emotions to below a 4 out of 10 intensity
INSTALLS the resources to make it impossible to revert backwards

Learn why you feel the way you feel:

How & Why Creatrix® works for You

Specific to Women

It’s formulated UNIQUELY for women’s minds. Psychology would be jealous of the results we get. We know women are different from men and more prone to emotional sensitivity and suppressive issues, so our process respectfully considers this. That's why it WORKS.

Beautiful Lake
Based on Science

Creatrix® is developed based on the science of Epigenetics. Women are biologically wired differently to men. It’s fact. Our process works because it has been researched and proven. It’s the future of personal development!

Works Super-Fast

Big claim, we know. But we’ve seen chronic anxiety reduced from 10/10 to 0/10 in under 1 hour using our method. Gone for good. It creates an immediate release with LONG-LASTING results.


No medication or remedies recommended. There is no substance that can truly fix deep-rooted internal problems. We simply facilitate the unique process – Creatrix® – that’s designed to bring to light a woman’s life ‘learnings’ so she can take a new lease on life and move forward with a fresh approach and no mental blockages.

DNA Strand

This process effects the WHOLE of you and improves every area of your life. Creatrix® is specially designed for the female mind to help you realise the learnings you might otherwise wait your whole life to receive. It’s like getting the positive after-effects of a horrible wake up call, without the horrible event that brings it on.


Both physically and emotionally. No talking about your problems other than to do a brief assessment prior to the process. No tears – except maybe tears of happiness after the process has been completed. It’s really so simple!

Get to know your Transformologist®

Dawn Chen

Dawn Chen.jpg

Check out my Before & After video... I can't believe who I used to be! LOL

After freeing myself naturally using the fast, simple and fun Creatrix® from years of anxiety, frustration, stress, overwhelm, anger, self-sabotage, stuck and trapped, many fears such as public-speaking, I am now an Emotion Specialist with clients from at least 17  countries...


to winning Asia's Best Brand Award in 2018 for what I do and my brand, Reconnective Healing SG, sharing the stage with Citibank, Chocolate Factory, Unilever etc...


speaking and leading activity at Singapore largest women's network, Women Changemakers event, sharing the stage with other powerful women from Google, Intuit, Cisco, Cloudfare and many more...


invited to speak and present at many events, career fair, holding healing or vision board workshops and training etc. 

media 2.jpg

By now, I have gone on to be multiple awards winner, from Asia's Woman Leader, Singapore Iconic Influencers, Top 100 Healthcare Leaders of International Forum on Advancements in Healthcare, Pioneering Woman Leader from World Women Leadership Congress, Southeast Asia Business Award 2021, Emotional Wellness Specialist of the Year 2021 (Singapore), Best Natural Healthcare Practitioner in October 2021.

More Proof that Creatrix® works

Dawn has a beautiful heart and has a passion for setting women free from their struggles and their negative self talk that holds them back in achieving what they want or could have in life. 

Dawn has set me free from deep mental blocks that I have struggled with for many years and thought could never be conquered but by her using a process that was quick, fun and simple, I was set free by using an amazing new technique that works like magic!

~ Dee M, New Zealand​

Thank you so Dawn for such a quick and yet so effective emotional release and mind detox ! I feel alive again! I am so impatient and have 5 children and work full time and I loved how focused you were because I really needed to feel good again after carrying around that traumatic emotional baggage for too long !! Thank you again xx

~ R Ditass, Australia

Dawn's helpfulness and professionalism is evident in her service, and highly recommended should one choose to go down this Creatrix route.

~ G Kam, Singapore

Dawn is one of our ​exceptional Creatrix® Transformologists. You can have faith that she’s very good at setting your mind and heart free.

~ Marylin Maz Schirmer, Founder, Institute of Women International 

So how does the process work?

After the call and an Root Issue Discovery, where we identify all of your Negative Emotions and Limiting Beliefs, we book sessions in 90 minute blocks. During a session you simply close your eyes and follow my voice and instructions - you are completely conscious, this is not hypnosis. The sessions are done via Zoom in the privacy of your own home or face-to-face. It's simple, it's easy and you don't have to relive past trauma to get amazing results.

I know Creatrix® works. I've seen what it has done to countless women and I have EXPERIENCED it for MYSELF, and I know that it will also work for YOU .... Creatrix® really is that good.

Women affect between 4000 and 8000 people in our lifetimes.
How is holding on to all your baggage affecting the other areas of your life? 
How is it affecting your kids? Your relationships? 
What's it costing you?

I used to think that my problems weren't "big" enough, that I should just stop complaining and get on with life. Such that I ended up suffering with ANXIETY, FEAR, continually feeling FRUSTRATED with my life, my job, and then leading RESENTMENT, which then led to ANGER towards my loved ones and others... and the worst part was that so many woman that I talked to believed that feeling like this was just part of life and it's normal! 

Today, I've gone beyond that and I'm living a life I love, and the phrase "live, laugh, love life" is now a daily real and true state of mind for me!

Check out More Before & After videos

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