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  • The Annual Emotional Detox Workshop, is finally here and happening on 9 March 2019 (Sat):

In conjunction with International Women's day, and in line with what we do, don't miss our annual workshop for women that will be happening on 9 March 2019 (Sat), 1.30-5pm, (venue (town area) will be shared with attendees only) to share with you how to be happy to improve your health and wealth! At the same time, you'll be doing a good deed in supporting women and children who suffered from domestic violence in Singapore.

The proceeds of the workshop will be going to the charity of our choice - Star Shelter, which aim is aligned to our creed - to provide a safe refuge for women and their children who are victims of family violence regardless of race, language, creed or religion, and assist them in rebuilding their lives. So this is aligned to what we do - helping women to eliminate life blockages for good so that they can move on to create a life they love. That's why we are giving away the proceeds of our workshop to Star Shelter.

So your presence and support at the workshop is a double-win where you'll also learn how to take charge of your emotions in life to achieve more EASE, JOY, and CALM, to be EMPOWERED and IN CONTROL.

From the workshop, you will :
- understand about the ways and reasons you sabotage yourself
- learn how to listen to the inner voice that is stopping you from doing and living what you want
- understand why you are afraid of making decisions
​- learn to re-wire your brain into more positive thinking
- Understand why you feel afraid of others or of failure or success
- learn why you find yourself back into the similar state of anxiety, fear, anger, worry even after you tried to self-talk your way out with positivity or distract yourself
- learn why after losing your cool, calmed down but then felt puzzled or guilty that you weren’t able to act level-headedly when you knew you should
- learn why after attending many self-improvement courses, healing modalities/techniques, and still a prisoner of your past/emotions.

If any of the above clicks in you, then this workshop is for you! It is ONLY FOR WOMEN who want to be a happier and better person, daughter, spouse, mother, friend and role model, with the opportunity to be doing charity at the same time!

Date: 9 Mar 2019 (Sat)
Time: 1.30pm-5pm
Venue: Downtown (exact location will be shared with attendees)
Investment: $27 (which will be donated to Star Shelter)



  • Dawn holds Vision Board workshops for Corporates as team-building or team-bonding activity to help individuals get clear about their life goals, that will impact their career, financial, relationships, health goals etc in order to live life to the fullest! More info on Vision Board Workshop can be found here

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